Mission Statement & Beliefs

Mission Statement:

DeKalb County Schools are wiring students to learn, achieve, and succeed.



We the faculty and staff of Smithville Elementary School believe that:

1. Administrators, teachers, parents, and community partners work together to assure that all decisions made at SES are student centered and provides a clear purpose and direction for students.

2. SES provides a safe, comfortable environment that stimulates student learning and encourages appropriate behavior.

3. SES holds high expectations for all students. Students should respect others and assume personal responsibility for their own decisions and actions.

4. Each student should have the opportunity to learn and achieve at a pace in accordance with his/her own potential.

5. Quality instruction should be taught by highly qualified teachers to enhance learning at all levels that utilizes researched based information and data driven decisions.

6. Students should be provided with skills necessary to function in an ever changing technological society.

7. Students should be encouraged to develop socially, emotionally, academically, artistically, and physically.

8. Students learn best when they have appropriate opportunities to success.

9. Educators should maintain high standards for learning, behavior and attendance.

10. Collaborative decision-making will foster a strong instructional team, promoting the use of shared decision-making process.

11. We as a school community, agree to meet policies set forth by state, district, and federal governing bodies that align policies and procedures to maintain a focus on achieving the school's goals for student learning

12. SES provides quality instruction that utilizes a variety of teaching strategies and assessments.