Accessibility Plan


Smithville Elementary Website ADA Compliance Plan

          Smithville Elementary is committed to providing all users of their website, including users with disabilities, with meaningful accessibility to our content. We are in the process of updating and making the changes necessary to our website to ensure that it is accessible to individuals with disabilities. Our plans to accomplish this include:

1.      Plan to convert all Non-Compliant PDF documents to be compliant with assistive technologies.

2.      Add descriptive information to picture, logo and any other images located on our website.

3.      Review color schemes to make sure the colors are standard schemes used in all web browsers.

Time Line for Compliance

           Smithville Elementary will start the implementation of these changes on September, 23, 2016 and will continue working to make our web pages as accessible as possible to better meet the needs of people with disabilities. This will be an ongoing effort as we will need to update information on our site on a regular basis.

Contacting the Web Administrator

If assistance is needed in accessing material on any page of the Smithville Elementary School website, please contact the website coordinator, Beth Cantrell, by clicking the email icon below.