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What is AR (Accelerated Reader)?

Accelerated Reader is a guided reading intervention used to supplement regular reading instruction in K–12 classrooms. Its aim is to improve students’ reading skills through reading practice and quizzes on the books students read.  Students read (or are read to) a book and then take a computerized quiz based on the book’s content and vocabulary. 


AR Login Information


After reading an Accelerated Reader book:

On the SES website ( click on the AR & Library dropdown menu

Choose AR/Star360

Click on “I Am A Student”

Type in User name and password

Type in title of book and click enter

Student will have questions to answer over story that has been read

Score will show after the quiz is finished



To find out if a book is Accelerated Reader


On the SES website ( click on the AR & Library dropdown menu

Choose AR Book Find

Click Parent and press enter

Under ‘quick search’ type in the title of the book, or under ‘advanced search’ type in title and author

Information about the book (Book Level, Points, Quiz number, etc.) will be listed.

If the book is not part of the Accelerated Reader program, it will state

“No results found”



Reading books at home


Justin Potter Library has many books for checkout that are AR.  Personal books can also be read. Also on the SES website ( click on the Online Books dropdown menu.  Many of those websites have AR books and some of them feature the story read aloud.




Pre-K - K – 3 points

1st Grade – 7.5 points

2nd Grade – 12.5 points

Points required by Friday, October 13, 2023

Prize: popsicle, extra recess time the week of October 23-27, 2023




Pre-K – K – 6 points

1st Grade – 15 points

2nd Grade – 25 points

Points required by Friday, January 26, 2024

Prize: popcorn & drink the week of January 29-February 2, 2024




Pre-K – K – 12 points

1st Grade – 30 points

2nd Grade – 50 points

Points required by Friday, April 19, 2024

Prize: book, bookmark, food coupon, Pokemon cards OR Pokemon plush toy, field trip to Greenbrook Park with lunch provided in May 2024



  • Top Point Earner school-wide: Principal of the Day
  • Second Top Point Earner school-wide: Vice Principal of the Day
  • Top Point Earner per grade:  Librarian of the Day
  • Drawing held each month for 100% AR quizzes


**Points accumulate, but each prize level will be awarded only one time**